About Me


My name is Kenji, and I’ll preface by saying that my journey into the world of jewelry designing was in no way predestined for me. Although I worked for many years as an interior designer as well as a fashion consultant, and I’ve always been attracted to the arts, it’s only by chance that I started dabbling with jewelry designing as a hobby. One thing has led to another and jewelry designing has now become a full-time occupation for me.

I’m a self-taught metal clay artist that originally started working with silver metal clay approximately 3 years ago. Since that time, copper, bronze, and now steel clay, are now widely used by the original silver clay artists. I too have jumped on the band wagon and have been creating with these new mediums since their introduction to the metal clay community.

My works have appeared in various international journals and technical books, and I have received several juried awards for my work. Some of my jewelry can be found in my online boutique Kenem Bijoux,  as well as in certain exclusive retail boutiques.

I thought this blog might be useful as a place where we could share ideas, innovations and news concerning all the Precious Metal Clays. I’m hoping it will serve as a place where we all can share instead of just a place where I’m doing all the talking. So, I’m looking forward to your comments and input. Thanks!



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