Designer Spotlight – L Frank

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Aug 102008
L Frank”I design jewelry that could be old or could be new,” says Liseanne Frankfurt, who has bedecked celebrities such as Demi Moore (at left), Cindy Crawford and Christine Taylor. The jeweler’s timeless oeuvre is informed by art and history, but no one specific period, and she works with emeralds, tourmalines and pearls in the way nature intended. “I  don’t like overly faceted stones as much,” she says.

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Designer Spotlight – Lorraine Schwartz

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Aug 102008
Lorraine Schwartz”We make the metal so fine that the light shines through,” says Lorraine Schwartz of her ethereal pieces made from diamonds and precious gems. Beyonce Knowles (at left), Jennifer Lopez and Cate Blanchett have all worn Schwartz’s jewelry. “Some people don’t believe it’s real,” she says.

Designer Spotlight – Ippolita

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Aug 102008
Ippolita “Being bold is a part of being fashion-forward,” says the New York-based designer, Ippolita. “It’s amusing to wear an enormous piece. Bangles are also good—they make music when you move. It’s  nice to be seen and heard.” Born in Florence, Italy, this up-and-coming talent hammers out link necklaces, chains and bangles in beautiful asymmetrical shapes and sculptural forms. She tosses diamond accents and sumptuous semiprecious stones into the mix for star clients like Kate Hudson (at  left), Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez.

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Designer Spotlight – Jamie Wolf

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Aug 102008
Jamie Wolf”I love feminine, intricate patterns,” says New York-based jewelry designer Jamie Wolf. “I believe that femininity is timeless, and  that beauty is often found in the finest details.” Influenced by her career as ballet dancer, Wolf infuses her delicate aesthetic into  each of her rose, yellow, and white gold pieces. No wonder stars like Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel (at left), Penelope Cruz and Hayden Panettiere are fans.

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Out of This World

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Aug 092008

From top: Temple St. Clair’s 18k yellow gold, aquamarine, moonstone, sapphire and diamond cuff, $70,000, 800.590.7985,; Martin  Katz’s 18k white gold, moonstone and diamond ring, $65,000, at Martin Katz, Beverly Hills and New York, 866.956.7200, Gioia’s 18k white gold, moonstone and diamond brooch, $185,000, at Gioia, New York, 212.223.3146; Tiffany & Co’s platinum, moonstone and sapphire medallion necklace, $100,000, at Tiffany & Co., 800.526.0649.
Moonstones shimmer in all manner of settings.  Possessing a quiet mystery, moonstones are decidedly spiri-tual gems. In India, the luminous rocks are thought to provoke vivid dreams, while Arabic women are known to sew them into their clothes for good luck. There are, of course, more immediate ways to grasp a piece of their magic. Take  Gioia’s iridescent brooch, twinkling with diamonds that sway gently, evoking the undulations of a jellyfish, or Tiffany’s large cabochon  stone, fashioned into a pendant and modeled after a pin that Louis Comfort Tiffany designed in the early 20th century. Temple St. Clair’s cluster cuff features a bright, watery combination of moonstones and aquamarine, while Martin Katz’s whimsical ring, its stone set among 480 tiny  diamonds, will surely stir nighttime reveries.By Sarah Haight Photographs by Doug Rosa 

Styled by Tayla Cousins