Main Menu Updated

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Sep 102007

Entirely re-vamped the main menu as I found out this last week while at a friends house that the previous menu was not working for those of you using IE 7.0 and Firefox. If anyone seems to be still having problems with it please let me know.

While I was at it, I added the sub-menu “News”, which is where you are now. I also added a category explaining a little about the different types of beads that I use in my jewelry, called “Bead Types”. It should be up later today. I also re-arranged the “Vote for Kenem!” section so that all the different websites where you can vote for my website are grouped together on one page and now called “Jewelry Giveaway!”. You can find out there how you can win free jewelry just by voting for my website. The “voting” is nothing more than clicking on a link that leads to another website.