New Swarovski 5328 Bicone Bead

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Jul 082009
Create Your Style / Crystallized Swaroski

New Swarovski 5328 bicone bead

CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Eements is continuing its policy of innovation
and launches the new Xilion 5328 bicone bead, replacing the former reference

The new innovative XILION faceting, alternating irregular facets, offers an unique
brilliance and an intense refraction of light.

Reference 5301

old 5301 shape
old 5301 shape  picture

Reference 5328

new 5328 shape
news 5328 shape  picture

In addition, the new 5328 bicone beads comporte a drilling zone with softened
borders and which protects the thread. 

The sides of the beads remaining in general identical, the new reference
5328 rests perfectly compatible with the designs elaborated with the reference
5301. The 2 references can be used used together in a same design.

Eventually, the new reference 5328 will replace the entire range of the
5301 bicones. 

Note : the current bicone 2,5 mm will not benefit from the new Xilion
faceting, due to it’s small size, but will still be classified under the
new reference 5328.

Commercialized without additional cost compared to the former 5301 reference,
the new 5328 bicone will be progressively introduced, after depletion
of the stocks of 5301.


My New Toy for Precious Metal Clays

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Jul 012009

Here’s my latest “toy” for firing my silver clay, bronze clay, copper clay, as well as my enamel works. No more approximitive torch firing! The kiln is a Paragon kiln with a Sentry 4.0 controller with the possibility to setup 8 different firing programs. I have to say that available kils here in France are limited and the prices are outrageous. So, I took advantage of the declining British pound to order my kiln, and even with the shipping charges, I made a kill! So many more possibilites from my old butane torch…

Paragon Kiln with Sentry 4.0 Controller

Paragon Kiln with Sentry 4.0 Controller


Smile, You’re Being Filmed

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Mar 312009

Here is one of my latest toys that I’ve acquired. In fact, the photo tent was a necessity given that before, every time I needed to take some photos I was obliged to haul out all my equipment, which made things somewhat of a hassle. Now, everything has it’s own place and it all stays there, permanently. No more fuss every time I need to take photos. Pretty neat, huh?

Photo light tent

Photo light tent


February 2008 Jewelry Giveaway Bracelet

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Feb 022008

I’ve posted the February 2008 Jewelry Giveaway item in the Jewelry Giveaway! section and where I explain how you can win this month’s bracelet (a € 73 retail value). Don’t forget to check it out !