Sep 112007

Runway Rocks, the fashion show launched by Nadja Swarovski, made its debut at London’s Sketch restaurant in April 2003. Its aim? To celebrate the unsung hero of the catwalk – the jewellery designer.

Since then, runways have rocked in Paris, Sao Paulo, Paris, Barcelona, New York and Tokyo. Illustrious designers including Erickson Beamon, Luigi Scialanga, Iradj Moini, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christopher Kane have come up with creations that include a serpentine necklace, a Nefertiti-style headdress, an orchid-shaped body sculpture and a jewelled bodice. The variety of work on display at every show proves the limitless creativity that crystal brings to the art of jewellery design.

Hot on the heels of Runway Rocks came Crystallized Cosmos, launched at Paris’s Bijorhca – Eclat de Mode Fair in September 2003. Designed to communicate key ornamentation trends in a highly imaginative environment, Crystallized Cosmos has included works of art by designers such as John Galliano, Eric Halley, Paco Rabanne, Noboru Shionoya and Philippe Ferrandis.

Both events demonstrate Swarovski’s commitment to being an inspiring and avant-garde partner to designers and manufacturers in the couture and fashion jewellery world.



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