Sep 102007


NEW YORK, September 07, 2007 – What were Preen designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi thinking ten minutes before their first-ever show in New York?

“A million thing panic!” said Bregazzi, half joking. “We’re just so filled with nervous excitement and so, so happy to be here.”

Until now, the duo has always shown their line in London, which would explain the runway presence of big-time British models like Agyness Deyn and Lily Donaldson, and maybe also why the show started an hour late Manhattan is unfamiliar territory, after all. The truth is that very few fashion followers are willing to wait that long for showtime (unless it’s for Marc Jacobs), but everyone did, which says a lot.


And besides, inside the tent at the Soho Grand there was plenty of people-watching to do. Socials Byrdie Bell, Derek Blasberg, and Ferebee Bishop Taube, who confided that her most recent Preen purchases took place in Athens, were all sitting front row. So were the MisShapes, looking as clubby-cool as ever. Vogue contributor Lynn Yaeger, carrying a customized Goyard bag forget the monogramming; she’s got a cartoon miniature of herself painted on the front of hers—spoke of the Preen skirt she’s owned for almost two years. “It’s green velvet with a pocket attached, like a circus animal skirt, which is what I look for in clothes,” Yaeger said with her usual charm. It was whispered that actress Kate Bosworth will wear hot-pink Preen to the premiere of her new film, The Girl in the Park, in Toronto tomorrow night.

And in the midst of it all, funny enough, plastic bottles of Budweiser were perched atop each and every seat in the house. It got us all wondering if beer like Preen was on the verge of a major American fashion moment.

Photos: Bryan Bedder / Getty



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