Sep 102007

NEW YORK, September 08, 2007 – Hairstylist Ashley Javier took a break from grooming front-row fixtures like Plum Sykes, Chlo Sevigny, and Rachel Weisz this week to prep models backstage at Behnaz Sarafpour’s spring 2008 show (the designer is one of his clients, after all). Taking a cue from her island-chic collection of rattan weave dresses, turquoise-embroidered skirts, and stretch cotton shorts, Javier created relaxed, feminine waves from the ears to the ends. “It’s easy, a little bit undone,” he said.

“Grab that model!” cried makeup artist and Lan me artistic director Gucci Westman from across the room, waving one hand in the air as she transformed mannequin Solange Wilvert into a sixties beach babe with peach-toned blush and shiny apricot lip gloss. Lan me influenced Sarafpour’s collection in more ways than one: When the cosmetics house model and eco-activist Elettra Rossellini sat down with the designer earlier this year to discuss the use of environmentally sustainable fabrics in her clothing, Sarafpour took note: organic cotton sourced from Japan, vibrant nontoxic dyes created from crushed marigolds, and embroidery made of responsibly harvested coral appear in her new collection.

Photo: Duffy-Marie Arnoult /

Behnaz Sarafpour



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