Swarovski Trend Directions for Fall/Winter 2007/2008

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Sep 112007
Bespoke Style for 2007/2008
The Muse theme celebrates strident yet romantic women who are confident to interweave classicism and art deco with simplicity.

Reminiscent of the debut du siècle period, it features drapes and pleats under volume and sculpture. The Muse takes aestheticism as her inspirational motif and crystals blend into a variety of materials to become an integral part of the overall look.

Cult comic figure Tank Girl has come of age: her high-tech glamour influences futuristic Android silhouettes, shapes and graphics.Sharp silhouettes and sculptural details keep things edgy, while crystallized, armour-like jewellery fuses with organic forms. Rounded, padded, looped and puffed shapes add a feminine touch as new synergies emerge between couture elements and functional sports-tech wear.
The intuitive Nomad’s softly deconstructed shapes are supported by shamanistic myths and symbols.

Her single garment capes and coats are warm and functional and smatterings of sober, mineral-hued crystal worked into fabrics and materials provide protective sculptural volume.


The Diva has strength, attitude and a sharp edge. With the knowingness of a modern geisha, her subtle directness has the air of an Eighties Supermodel.Crystallized origami expresses her desire for sculptural design. The look is softened by adornments of red and pinkish crystal gradients as Asian symbols mesh with a hint of Western cheekiness.

Our metamorphosed Creature loves to display her glossy, insect-like characteristics. Crystals on her jewelry and sculptured gowns adorn her like a shimmering carapace.

Dark gold and bronze ambience are inspired by Art Nouveau and crystal is her glittering camouflage that deflects the glances of curious admirers.

 Editor’s Note: Shown here are the images regarding the “Colors & Assortments” of Swarovski Trend Directions for Fall/Winter 2007/2008. Please visit Swarovski at business.swarovski.com/trends_0708/~ to get more information and explore the Innovations of Swarovski Trend Directions. [Images: Swarovski.]
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PANTONE Fashion Color Report Fall 06

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Sep 112007
 Steadfast and Stunning
New York Fashion Week Fall 2006, February 3-10, 2006
Neutral colors are forecasted to be this autumn’s most fashionable hues in a bid to provide a soothing landscape for life’s complexities. The latest insight from Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, shows that designers are turning to soothing shades with occasional splashes of rich, vibrant colors to add an exotic dimension to the neutrals.

Each season, Pantone surveys designers showing at New York Fashion Week and collects feedback on prominent collection colors, color inspiration, color philosophy and each designer’s signature shades. This information is used to create the PANTONE® Fashion Color Report.

The Top 10 Most Directional Women’s RTW Colors for Fall 2006 are: 
PANTONE 16-0906
C.0 M.9 Y.25 K.27 

  PANTONE 17-0000
C.2 M.2 Y.5 K.50 


PANTONE 15-1216
C.15 M.15 Y.46 K.3      

  PANTONE 17-0613
C.0 M.1 Y.30 K.50      


PANTONE 17-1045
C.0 M.29 Y.79 K.18 

  PANTONE 18-3921
C.88 M.71 Y.25 K.3 


PANTONE 16-1346
C.0 M.52 Y.100 K.7 

  PANTONE 19-3540
C.57 M.100 Y.0 K.10 


PANTONE 17-1537
C.0 M.90 Y.83 K.12 

  PANTONE 19-1521
C.0 M.100 Y.90 K.55 


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Carolina Bucci Jewellery

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Sep 102007

The New Carolina Bucci jewellery collection has arrived with beautiful hand-enamelled solid 18k gold ball charms. Each colour and charm has a different meaning – love, peace, fortune. We also adore the freshwater cultured pearl necklaces and earrings.
Carolina Bucci 18K gold enamel bead charm bracelet
18K gold enamel bead charm bracelet

Carolina Bucci Lattice design 18k gold bracelet
18k gold bracelet

Carolina Bucci 18k gold earrings with blue spheres
18k gold earrings

Carolina Bucci 18K yellow gold bangle with hinge
18K yellow gold bangle

Carolina Bucci Gold earrings in 18K gold with black enamel bead charms
earrings in 18K gold


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Jeremy Laing

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Sep 102007


NEW YORK, September 07, 2007 – Which front-row guests at Jeremy Laing’s spring show had the media lining up to interview them? Not celebrities and not magazine editors, but Laing’s parents, Robert and Theresia.

It was the first of their son’s shows they’d been to since the rising Canadian star’s graduation presentation at Ryerson College in Toronto. His mother wore a silk dress from Laing’s fall collection. “It’s one of the perks,” she said. His father joked, “I keep telling him to make me something!”

It’s a wonder that more starlets (actress and fellow Canadian Sarah Polley is a fan) haven’t caught on to Laing’s line, which only improves each season and always offers truly original, cool dresses, like spring’s colorful silk frocks (with firework prints made by Laing’s friend the artist Karen Azoulay), which any young woman looking to stand out would covet. When those girls do take more notice, Laing’s parents may have some competition for the spotlight at next season’s show.

Photo: Patrick McMullan

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Sep 102007


NEW YORK, September 07, 2007 – What were Preen designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi thinking ten minutes before their first-ever show in New York?

“A million thing panic!” said Bregazzi, half joking. “We’re just so filled with nervous excitement and so, so happy to be here.”

Until now, the duo has always shown their line in London, which would explain the runway presence of big-time British models like Agyness Deyn and Lily Donaldson, and maybe also why the show started an hour late Manhattan is unfamiliar territory, after all. The truth is that very few fashion followers are willing to wait that long for showtime (unless it’s for Marc Jacobs), but everyone did, which says a lot.


And besides, inside the tent at the Soho Grand there was plenty of people-watching to do. Socials Byrdie Bell, Derek Blasberg, and Ferebee Bishop Taube, who confided that her most recent Preen purchases took place in Athens, were all sitting front row. So were the MisShapes, looking as clubby-cool as ever. Vogue contributor Lynn Yaeger, carrying a customized Goyard bag forget the monogramming; she’s got a cartoon miniature of herself painted on the front of hers—spoke of the Preen skirt she’s owned for almost two years. “It’s green velvet with a pocket attached, like a circus animal skirt, which is what I look for in clothes,” Yaeger said with her usual charm. It was whispered that actress Kate Bosworth will wear hot-pink Preen to the premiere of her new film, The Girl in the Park, in Toronto tomorrow night.

And in the midst of it all, funny enough, plastic bottles of Budweiser were perched atop each and every seat in the house. It got us all wondering if beer like Preen was on the verge of a major American fashion moment.

Photos: Bryan Bedder / Getty

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