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Beginner Bronze Class - Class dispensed by Kenji

1 Day Class - €185,00 - (Clay is not included in the price. Anticipate 100 grams of clay.)

40% (€74,00) deposit is to be paid before the class by either:

All necessary tools will be lent for the duration of the class:   (

An instruction personalized and professionnal. Possibility of 2 persons maximum - (Yourself and a friend or family member) - €185,00 per person

Consultez l'Agenda pour trouver une journée disponible pour suivre votre coursConsult the agenda and contact me to schedule a date for your class.




Prerequisites : No previous experience with bronze metal clay is necessary.

Program :

An afternoon lasting approximately 8 hours in order for you to learn the basic techniques of working with bronze metal clay. You will be creating several pieces of jewelry, such as pendants, earrings or charms that will be fired in a kiln. Bronze metal clay must be fired in a kiln and cannot be fired with a hand-held blow torch as opposed to some other metal clays.

The techniques include :

  • rehydrating the powder metal clay (Goldie™ bonze metal clay)
  • preparing the design and the necessary materials for your jewelry
  • learning the properties of bronze clay
  • rolling out the clay to an even thickness
  • learning the usage of the various necessary tools when working with bronze clay
  • cutting
  • forming
  • assembling
  • use of liquid paste (slurry)
  • use of texture sheets
  • techniques of drying
  • refining before firing
  • programming the kiln and kiln firing
  • refining and polishing your jewelry after firing


Materials furnished by the instructor :

  • work surface
  • acrylic roller
  • spacers
  • texture mats
  • shape cutters
  • molds
  • laser cutter and craft knife
  • COULEUR SHAPER (silicone tool for shaping the clay)
  • sanding pads
  • files
  • kiln
  • bonze findings for the pendant(s), earrings or charms

All necessary materials are provided by the instructor. The tools are lent for the duration of the course. The bronze clay and kiln firing are included in the price.


Consult my agenda Consultez l'Agenda pour trouver une journée disponible pour suivre votre cours and contact me to schedule a date to take your class.


For all class reservations, a non-refundable deposit of 40 % is now requested before a date is definatively blocked. You can use the button to the right to make your payment with either PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. You are NOT required to have a PayPal account in order to make a payment by credit card.

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